FavePay Later

Fave Now, Pay Later

Split the payment, not the pleasure. Split into 3 payment with 0% interest.
FavePay Later allows you to split your FavePay transactions into 3 payments on a fixed term (monthly) basis.
The payment methods accepted for FavePay Later are credit cards only. *Note: Prepaid cards are not supported for FavePay Later transactions.
Installments will be charged to your card at one-month intervals on the same date your first payment was initiated. For instance, if your first FavePay Later payment was made on the 10th of April, your subsequent payments will be automatically charged to your card on the 10th of May and 10th of June.

If the subsequent month does not have the same date as the first payment, that particular month's installment will be due on the date prior. (e.g., if the first payment was made on 31st August 2021, the second installment will be due on 30th September 2021).

All FavePay Later payments/ existing installments will be charged on the payment card that you set as primary for FavePay Later. To use a different card, add/change the primary card by going to your Me tab > FavePay Later page > Card icon on top right > Change card.

No. The payment schedule is fixed at a monthly interval, with the payment amount equally divided across 3 payment terms.

You can check on your upcoming scheduled installments on your Fave app’s Me tab (bottom right), and in the FavePay later page. Each payment item is also clickable to view more information on each instalment and when they are due.

Your credit balance on FavePay Later will only be refreshed with the successful payment of every FavePay Later instalment.
Simple -- you can check your FavePay Later credit balance from your Fave app > Me tab (bottom right) > My FavePay Later.

On this page, the:
- "Remaining balance" indicates the current total amount that you are able to use on your FavePay Later transaction/s;

- "Total used" indicates the total amount of outstanding payments from your existing FavePay Later installments;

- "Approved balance" is the total amount of FavePay Later credit balance that is available for you on your Fave account.

Below is a screenshot example that illustrates where the above information can be found on the My FavePay Later page :

Missed a payment on one of your installments? Firstly, don't panic!

If it is still within 2 days from your installment payment due date,

- kindly top up your Primary FavePay Later card with sufficient balance OR update your Primary FavePay Later card by following these steps in this linked article: click here.

If it is 3 days or more from your installment payment due date,

- please change/ update your card details for the said installment by going to your Me tab > My FavePay Later page, then click on the transaction with the late payment (indicated by the "Late" label as indicated in the screenshot example below).

Next, tap on the installment due and follow through with all the prompts to update your card details.

Once you have updated your card through the steps mentioned, an attempt will be made to charge the late payment* to your newly-updated card.

*Payments more than 7 days late are subject to a 1.5% penalty fee, according to our terms here.

There is a 1.5% penalty fee incurred (calculated based on the total late payable amount) for instalment payments that are more than 7 days late. Hence, to avoid any penalty, do ensure that your FavePay Later payment card is correctly updated and that it has sufficient funds for any upcoming instalments!

Partner cashback will be granted for eligible FavePay Later transactions upon successful payment of the first installment. The amount of partner cashback granted is calculated according to the partner cashback rate for the particular partner, and based on the total final payable amount charged to your selected card of payment.

On FavePay Later transactions, partner cashback can only be used to offset the initial payment (the first instalment). Subsequent instalments will be fully charged to your Primary card of payment on FavePay Later.

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