Reclaimed and whitewash woods, wicker and rattan make rustic farmhouse style laid-back, lived-in and well-loved.

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The Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Style

From exposed wood and weathered metal to wicker and rattan, how to bring this lived-in aesthetic home. This unpretentious style is distinctly all-American. Nodding to its homegrown roots, farmhouse style homes have a collected-over-time look, complete with old-school prints, distressed furnishings, and vintage finishes.

Farmhouse Style Basics

  • Sturdy, time-tested furniture handcrafted from distressed woods and wrought iron
  • Color palettes with white, gray, cream, navy, and sage
  • Large inviting family-style furniture creates a laid-back vibe
  • Open shelving showcases necessities and heirloom pieces
  • Old becomes new with the style's focus on up-cycling and renovating

Earthy Palette

A blend of lived-in neutrals make for a classic base—pale shades of beige, gray, and white. When working in color, look to earth tones such as muted slate, sage, and fawn for a subdued appeal or vibrant navys and greens, for a modern touch. Light unfinished woods (birch, oak, and pine) complement the neutral palette and connect the home to nature. Deeper woods, like mahogany and cherry, are sprinkled in to add variety and depth to the design.