The historic home that’s rich in heritage, architecture of the colonial house is based on a Tudorbethan style,
and also adapted features from Malay kampong houses, such as high ceilings and stilts for ventilation.

The Highlight

The whimsical Arts & Crafts designs found in Singapore's famous black and white houses remain as inspirational today as they did in the early twentieth century. This new and updated collection showcases a dazzling cornucopia of styles, in which modern art, period antiques and modern contemporary furniture are arranged together, provide rich source material for the East meets West design enthusiast.

The Style

Described as a modern contemporary take on the traditional and retro 50s style balancing historical elements with contemporary touches, this collection is filled with a charming blend of old and new elements. Curated pieces that gives your home its distinctly warm character with woody, rustic undertones that span throughout spaces.

The infuse of this black and white concept creates many statement-making features. From the architecture detailing of the “Shophouse” window to the imported Peranakan monochrome floor tile. This collection is full of endless possibilities that one will love to stay home to chill and relax.

The Characteristic

The unique characteristics — such as the black outlines of the main door and windows—by incorporating ceiling coves, staircase balustrades and marble flooring lined with black trimmings that echo the look of the facade. Black screens and geometric accent cushions also cleverly allude to the iconic architecture of the house.

The Color Palette

Embrace the trend for monochromatic color schemes for a fresh – and dramatic – interiors update. The monochromatic color scheme, layering the same color on the same color, this bold, dramatic look.

The Key Elements

Use the key elements below to bring in the Noir Blanc Colonial style into your home space.


Color Palette:

  • Neutral and light shades of white are characteristic - making it cooling in warm climates Dark coloured timbers, cane, mahogany and rattan provided contrast Greens and blues are reflected in the soft furnishings, hand-blocked prints and artwork

Architectural Features:

  • Backdrop of whitewash walls accented shutters, rattan screens and ceiling fans


  • Timber floorboards with Persian, Turkish, animal hide, natural sisal or seagrass rugs


  • Pendant lights of brass & glass and Bamboo, rattan and shell pendant lighting covers

Window Treatments:

  • Painted or natural timber shutters, rattan and bamboo blinds and sheer curtains


  • Dark stained teak, mahogany or bamboo chairs, folding directors chairs, campaign furniture and chests, collapsible writing desks and trunks, four poster beds or cane bedheads


  • Natural and white linens and cottons, soft furnishings in botanical, floral, stripes and animal prints


  • Framed botanical prints, oil still-life, photography, maps, panoramic wallpapers, hand-woven and natural artworks of mounted baskets and shell art


  • Natural and travel collected elements, old leather books, magnifying glasses, trophies, coral, shells and botanical-framed specimens

Plants and Greenery:

  • Palms, Fiddle Fig, Traveller Ravenala, Fern, Bamboo, Sansevieria Snake plants and bunches of natural leaves and tropical plants


  • Phalaenopsis orchids, Hydrangeas and Magnolia flowers